Ford Craiova (Romania) – Eco-Sport MY17 (B515) Introduction

In connection with its introduction of Eco-Sport models in plants around the world, Ford asked for a feasibility study that highlighted any changes to tooling that would be needed to build the vehicle in Romania.

This included a review of the following tooling for the study:

  • Front Decking
  • Bolster Support
  • Engine Mount Delivery
  • LCA Supports
  • Body Master Location Pins 
  • Additional Power Train Variants
  • Rear Decking o FWD and AWD
  • Exhausts
  • Prop Shaft Supports
  • Engine Dress
  • Additional Power Train Variants
  • Transportation Adaptive Tools
  • Automatic Transmission Buckle Up Fixtures
  • Additional Power Train Variants
  • Front Corners Assembly Tooling
  • Front Cross Member Assembly Fixture
  • Front and Rear Stabilizer Bar Assembly Fixtures
  • FWD Rear Axle Assembly Tooling 
  • AWD Rear Axle Assembly Fixture
  • RDU Subassembly Fixture
  • Bolster/Cooling Pack Assembly Fixtures
  • Rear Axle Delivery From Subassembly To MGR (pick-up points, transportation frame concept, FWD and AWD axles)