Ford North America Pilot Plant – Eco-Sport MY17 (B515) Introduction

Ford’s North America Pilot Plant required tooling to accommodate its build of the new Eco-Sport model including the design and manufacture three new front decking pallets, 10 new adaptive tools and a new rear decking pallet.

Ford specified that the front decking pallet had to be designed in line with the front decking pallet used in Ford Brazil. The new front decking pallet also had to include the B515 bolster support we provided to Ford Brazil.

The adaptive tools we supplied are based on our standard design with the following features:

  • The pallets are designed to integrate with existing decking tools.
  •  All components on the tooling are color coded to ensure operators can configure the tooling.
  • The rear axle tooling has built-in float to assist operators with decking the rear axle into the body bracket. We previously supplied this concept to Ford Venezuela. 

Ford Venezuela also builds the new B515 Eco-Sport; we designed the new North America rear decking pallet to be compatible with the Ford Venezuela pallet.