JLR Range Rover Sport (MY17) – Chassis Build Fixture

JLR approached us to supply new chassis build fixtures for its introduction of the Model Year 17 Range Rover Sport (also known as the L462) in its Solihull plant in the West Midlands.

Design and manufacture of 54 new L462 chassis build fixtures was required, as well as the update of a one-off prototype L462 chassis build fixture. The prototype included the following design updates:

  • Front Ride Height Setting
  • Rear Spring Compression Units
  • Rear Subframe Z Support
  • Slave Jig For Rear Corner
  • Rear Lower Control Arm Hook
  • Front Strut Manipulation

The changes were in line with customer requests after the prototype fixture was tested at our tryout unit. We completed 3-D design, 2-D design and manufacture of the updates before installation of the one-off prototype fixture.

Supply Six New Fixtures to Approved Design Level

In order to achieve JLR’s schedule, we received approval to start manufacture of certain low-risk tooling parts before our design was 100% complete and before the one-off prototype was tested. The main manufacture of six new fixtures started after the finished design was approved.

Supply Additional 48 Fixtures to Approved Design Level

The manufacture of 48 additional chassis build fixtures started after the updated prototype was approved by JLR. We received approval from JLR to order ”dogbone” frames for the new fixtures before the updated prototype had been tested.