Welcome to CK Industrial Engineers....

CK Industrial Engineers was established in 1976 as a supplier of special purpose tooling and equipment.

CK Industrial Engineer's core business is the design and manufacture of jigs and fixtures to the Automotive industry. The supply of this specialist equipment has been carried out on a global basis and even today we are expanding our global supply network to meet our customer requirements.

Our in house design and manufacturing expertise enables CK to offer solutions to cater for most jigs and fixture needs. CK solutions include design, prototype and manufacture through to trial support, on site installation and production support. CK can also offer assembly systems which encompass mechanical, electrical and controls elements.

Being able to offer this capability means CK can cater for various customer requirements and can supply the correct solution for the customer.


ISO 9001 Accreditation Q1 Certification ISO 14001 Registered Firm Safe Contrator Approved

Registered in England
Company No.: 1707058